5 Tips To Staying Motivated All Year Round


Keeping fit and in shape during the winter, non-bikini months is important and key to the summer bikini body. Staying motivated to eat well and workout everyday is something a lot of us find hard. I know many people that rush to a quick fix a few weeks before their summer holiday, kill themselves doing cardio and starve themselves silly to try and get those results that they left a little too late in my opinion. So, how can you stay motivated all year round?

I think the first stage is to understand you cannot get a Victoria's Secret angel body in a week, or even a month. Toning up and losing weight in a healthy way is a slow process, something you should never rush to do and then just let go of it in the winter. This is called Yo-yo dieting, and that is quite abusive to your body, consistency is key in the world of bikini abs. Victoria's Secret models train vigorously all year round, and obviously training steps up closer to a fashion show or shoot, as well as diet becoming stricter, BUT they do not just throw it away because they are covered by a cosy baggy jumper do they? So now we have got the first stage out of the way we can actually move onto my motivational tips!

1. BOOK!
One thing I like to do to stay motivated is have something to work for. As a student, I do not have the money to book a holiday just like that, but am lucky enough to have a family that can help me out with reaching the sunshine parts of the world during July or August. Having this holiday where I know I will be in my bikini 98% of the time helps me to hit the gym throughout the year, as well as try and hit my nutritional goals. My advice here being, if you have the means to book a holiday, do it as soon as you can! This in the back of your mind keeps you going. If not, perhaps a weekend away? or even book yourself a photoshoot? or go so far as to enter yourself in a bikini comp? something I haven't done but it is still something to work for!

Following accounts on instagram such as Nikki Blacketter, BuffBunny, Cath Bastien, TMiller Fit.. I could go on!
But following ladies that have awesome bodies, or even guys (perhaps if you get the body of your dreams, you will feel confident enough to approach a man of your dreams) keeps you motivated on a whole new level. Now these bodies are not unreachable. If they can do it, so can you! Obviously not everyone's lifestyle is entirely fitted around fitness the way their's is, but you can still make massive changes by getting the right workouts in and eating enough calories as well as the right foods for you body!

Take Pictures!!! Maybe once a month, take out your phone, and take a good mirror selfie in your underwear. This is one of the best ways to track and see progress with what you're doing. Obviously, because it is a slow process, sometimes the changes don't appear to you right away. Especially when you are looking in the mirror everyday, you are so familiar with your body on a day to day basis it is almost impossible to recognise changes. But when you compare a picture a month apart the changes will become more obvious. When you start seeing results, the process of working out becomes much more rewarding, and keeps you going! This way you also know if your workout and nutrition plan is working effectively.

Find a workout buddy. Having someone there that is going through the same thing as you is always a great way to stay motivated. I know I need that extra push most days where I don't feel great, I am tired from University, my body aches from yesterdays session and I want to eat a dozen doughnuts. But, when I am not doing this all alone, I get talked into the gym, even when i've convinced myself not to go that day. Then because I am going to the gym, why should I eat that cupcake? Won't it make my trip to the gym seem almost pointless, or i'll just have to do more to work it off... depending on how you look at it.

I am not saying you should never eat a doughnut or cupcake, these things make you happy and why shouldn't you do something that makes you happy? I have cheat days scheduled into the calendar, so I can keep myself going, hitting my macros until I get to that day. Where I know I can eat all the things I felt like eating earlier in the month, or week. Now these can be weekly cheat days or less frequent than that. Personally, I like to find a few treats that fit into my macros each week and work my days around that and then have a less frequent cheat day. On this day I do not count anything I eat, I just eat what I want when I want. This break from eating well for my personal goals helps me then to stay on them the rest of the time.

Thanks for reading! I hope I have sparked some motivation in you to stay fit and in good shape all year round!


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