Get To Know Me: Why I eat the way I eat?


Good Afternoon, Hello, Bonjour, Guten Tag.... 

I haven't written a post in a while, i've been distracted with things and well I just haven't really even thought about blogging to be honest. But I have decided to write a little series of 'get to know me' posts to get it all going again.

Today I will be talking about my diet, and no, this does not mean I am on a weight loss diet or I ban foods from my day to day diet. By diet I mean what I eat on a day to day basis, a set lifestyle I'd call it. I think it is important to eat well, make sure you get enough of the things you need, to NEVER starve your body and to feel confident by doing so. I have never had a REAL problems with my body even when I did use to binge eat after a long day at school with cakes and chocolates, which I still enjoy, a lot. But I just do not binge in the way I used to. I mean of course I had insecurities, who doesn't? it's part of being a human being - especially wanting what you don't have. But anyway, more recently after going to university I decided to start watching exactly what was in my food. When I first moved away from home I gained some weight in places I never had before which obviously when I noticed I didn't like this. I think it is natural to do so when you first gain complete control over your own diet and grocery shopping. I mean I was eating chicken nuggets and chips on the regular, how could I not gain weight? But due to this weight gain I joined the university gym and decided it was time to do something about it. After about a week of the gym was when my boyfriend and myself decided we needed to clean up our diet to get better results. Now this is still a work in progress, I am no nutritionist, I do not know what is the best for my body but I try to make a conscious effort to learn and experiment for the best results (in my eyes).

The Diet Itself

Now anyone who knows me, is fully aware of my crazy sweet tooth. My current weakness appears to be biscuits and cookies of any kind..

So, I needed a way to eat for my body that still included some sweet indulgences. After a bit of research here and there, I realised that Protein intake in my eyes was underestimated. I mean I had seen regular gym goers at my school (Males) with their protein shakes but assumed it was to gain tonnes of mass, not that it was highly important for toning up, my hair, my nails and recovery. This was probably where I started, I purchased some Whey Protein and tried to up my protein intake. With a lot of the articles I was reading, another two nutrients were popping up a lot, Fats and Carbohydrates (Yes I know these don't seem appealing when talking about being toned and fit but seriously your body needs them).

I follow a lifestyle called if it fits your macros. This means if it fits your macronutrient (fat, carbs & protein) goals - which you can calculate online and just adjust them as and when you see fit according to results you see - then you can eat it. So I can eat a cookie everyday if I want to as long as I hit my goals for these macronutrients and it fits within them, I am good to go. Now this works perfectly for me as it is more of a lifestyle and doesn't restrict me in ways that stop me enjoying food and life. I can't binge all day long but I can have an Oreo or two when it fits with the rest of my day.

Right now I don't have a perfectly toned stomach with the best abs but I am at a good healthy weight, I am still progressing and I look MUCH better than I ever have before. So this is why I eat the way I eat.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into 'if it fits your macros', my life and why I follow it.

Thank you for reading!


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