Why you should go on a Ski Trip.


I am a huge lover of going on a Ski trip and there are many reasons for this that I want to share with you guys. As I said this blog will be about sharing my loves in life.. and skiing is one of them. I'd say it is the one thing I constantly crave. If you have not been on a ski trip then I can honestly tell you, you are missing out! I personally do not think your life is complete. I have had the most fun I have ever had in the mountains, and I am a somewhat well travelled person. When the sun is shining down on your face but you get the cool mountain breeze there is no better feeling. 

Firstly; The views. 
The views from the top of the mountain and even the bottom to be honest are spectacular. The natural beauty of the mountain peaks surrounding you can sometimes be just breathe taking. 

I have been skiing in two countries, Austria and America. The photo above is from Austria on my most recent ski trip - over a year ago, which depresses me a lot. 

Secondly; Mountain top lunch. 
If you like to keep on a budget like me after spending a fortune on the trip itself (as ski trips do not come cheap! I advise doing it with your school, university or in a large group) you can have a packed lunch. Mine consisted of Nutella Rolls everyday and I think a Chocolate bar of some kind which I usually saved for a snack on the chair lifts for an energy boost, as skiing is very tiring. But a MUST have that is one of my favourite parts of skiing is having a hot chocolate with whipped cream or as it is called in Austria 'eine heisse schockolade' I think. I bought one of these everyday at the restaurant at the top of the cafe. But most people also buy chips. 

Thirdly; The skiing itself
The amount of fun it is to learn to ski is unreal, especially when you are with friends and you just laugh at each other falling over. Once you have learnt to ski and you start to tackle harder runs like blues, reds and blacks instead of the nursery slopes it becomes even more fun. The speed you are travelling at and the feel of bombing it down a run without falling over is one of the best. Last time I went skiing I managed to fall over on a flat piece of snow by the restaurant.. because my ski was not on properly, causing it to clip off and me to face plant.. It was brilliant.........

As you can see in the picture above we sometimes dress up in fancy dress, I was a leopard. Which is also a great day when you're on a ski trip with friends. 

Finally; The tan? 
So you are thinking you'd rather spend your time tanning on a beach somewhere or by the pool because you want to be sun kissed brown.. well in fact in the mountains your face is highly exposed to the sun due to the snow reflecting the UV rays. Slap on some suncream and ski the day away.. without allowing for goggle marks and your face will most likely be the brownest it has been in a long time. My freckles like to multiply so my face looks a lot browner after a ski trip - and if you are going in the winter during the ski season you are not likely to be getting your legs and belly out when you are home as it will be cold so your all important glow is in the place that you'll be showing off the most! perfect! 

Have you been skiing or are thinking about doing so? let me know in the comments below. 


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