Blushing Bribery - My go to Blusher by NARS


Douceur by Nars is one of my favourite blushes, I always reach for it in my small collection. Firstly NARS are well known for their gorgeous blushes, particularly Orgasm blush.. which I do not actually own. I do use a dupe many people have recommended by Sleek and am not hugely keen on it - in comparison to this blush - due to the large amount of shimmer in the blush which I have heard Orgasm is like, so I am now reluctant to buy it at such a high price (let me know if it is worth it ... I know there is a lot of hype around it). Anyway.. back to the point, as I have managed to blabber on a bit here. Douceur is a gorgeous subtle shade that brightens up your entire make up look and is good for a more natural darker but slightly blushed look, it blends gorgeously with bronzers which is always good for a blusher, and it has the tiniest sparkle in the powder which catches the sun nicely. I tend to use it as an everyday blush as it is more subtle than others, and gives me more a natural glow than anything else. Which helps a lot when my face needs a pick me up in terms of colour and even just to make me look more awake when I am really tired and dull looking. But it also works with a tan really nicely, as it still has enough of a reddish tint to it that it shows up beautifully on any skin tone, making it an all year round blusher. Which is great but also sad as I hit the pan on it quickly as you can see in the picture below.. well as the packaging being a little worse for wear, as it lives in my handbag very often. Other than the price which it comes in at a rather high £23. I can only find two downfalls with this blusher.. firstly the fact that it does not last for a long time during the day. This may be to do with my routine before hand as I do not have a good primer as of yet.. but in my experience it has come off fairly quickly. And secondly because it is so subtle sometimes you have to really build it on, in the pan it looks quite a lot darker and more pigmented than it does on. But other than that this blusher is perfect and I do use it almost every day due to its natural effect on your cheeks, as well as it working well with my bronzer. 

I definitely recommend this blusher to fairer skin types, even though it works very nicely with darker tanner skin tones. If you are looking for a similar shade that is less subtle than this then Sin is a good close colour with much more pigment and some bluer/purple undertones than this, stopping it from being an all year round go to product (one of my favourite features of this blusher). 

Finally, I just want to talk about the name of the blusher. NARS are quite often out there with their names as we all know, with colours like Orgasm and Deep Throat being some of their best selling products but this one is much more subtle.. much like the colour itself. Douceur, a french word - as NARS is a french brand - means a financial bribe. I think the word bribe goes nicely with this colour, mainly because it kind of does dishonestly persuade in your favour.. mainly because it looks so natural but still really brings out the apples of your cheeks in such a beautiful way but it almost seems undetectable that you're wearing a blusher, even though you look much healthier and glowing whilst wearing it. So I think NARS got the name right on. 

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