Late night blog making - an introduction


Hi I am Victoria,

...and I am pulling a very silly face. The best introduction I can think of, obviously.

I've been working out how to get into this for a while. Now it is 1.15am on a Tuesday night or Wednesday morning however you'd like to see it, it is the perfect time to ramble to the internet about how I will try to blog. I am going to emphasise the word try in that sentence as I am aware running a blog is particularly hard and requires a lot of dedication.

I have been delaying this for quite some time now, due to my dissatisfaction with how I can make my blog look on here with my lack of knowledge on how to work blogger, but we will get there eventually and my blog is somewhat presentable now, at least until I can learn more about blogger. I am a 19 year old (recently so it feels weird typing that) who is currently studying at university with a lot of procrastination hours available.. so a blog is a great place to spend some time, hopefully picking up some readers a long the way. I am a bit of an obsessive buyer of make up and probably have enough eye shadows to last me another 10 years but for some reason that still doesn't satisfy me. I am a big fan of making things look pretty, from my nails for example to a bedroom. So this is probably why I am being a complete perfectionist when it comes to what my blog template and design actually looks like, when in fact that probably does not even reflect me at all if you were to look at my bedroom floordrobe. This is just a short introduction to me so there isn't really an awful lot to say other than hi.. especially when I am tired. So I shall love you and leave you...


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